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Welcome-you have been guided to me-My name Is Tamera Rose,I am a psychic-Which I have known since childhood.I come from a family of gifted psychics. I began to pursue using my gifts more than one year ago-Primarily seeking answers for myself. Then I began helping friends.Now my spirits tell me it's time to help others. And this is what brought me to you. My technique is very simple. I use meditation,pendulums,charts and my 9 spirit guides to provide very accurate guidance and direction.These readings are all with the white light-with good and truth.

You have questions about decisions you made in the past? You want to prevent making the same mistakes? We can help.

You have questions about your present situation? Your stagnant-Uncertain what choice to make?We can help.

You want to know about your future? We can help.

No question too big or too small.

Do not be afraid-Do not delay-Let us help you today.

I do email reading only, and you can ask up to 5 questions with my clairvoyant psychic reading.

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