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Psychic Reading Scams

In our psychic reading scams page you are going to find information on the worst psychic reading scams website.

Psychic Reading Scams:

The psychic industry, unfortunately, appears to be full of scam artists these days. The stories we hear from our clients are disheartening to say the least. If you have been scammed, please feel free to share your story in our psychic reading scams forums on our website. Some of our clients are out of thousands of dollars in which they will never recover.

There is a wide variety of opinion regarding the truth about psychic readings. Some people truly believe in psychic and paranormal powers. Other people think that it is nonsense and that psychics are con artists who defraud people or that they are simply insane. It is very difficult to determine what is the truth when it comes to these issues regarding the supernatural and the paranormal.

The truth is: there really are genuine and legitimate psychically gifted people in this world. Unfortunately, it is also true that there are phonies and frauds in the business. Just as when locating a family doctor, lawyer or psychiatrist—or a reputable holistic practitioner—one must do some research and expend a little effort to locate a truly gifted psychic.

Personal recommendations from reliable and creditable sources are always better than choosing a psychic out of the phone book or other paid advertisements. Sometimes (although not always) the best psychics and mediums will have rather high fees ranging from $60 to $200 for a reading. The reason for this is that the really gifted ones are often trying to juggle the demand for their services.

Word spreads quickly when you’re blowing people’s minds, and some psychics and mediums find themselves booking months ahead. Those fees might sound extravagant to some. To rephrase: Yes, there are phony scam artists out there, but there are also real people with real psychic abilities. Not only do we at Psychic Readings Line know this is true, we are here to educate you about these extraordinarily gifted individuals, and help you locate one that best fits your personal needs.

If you have been scammed, don't let this deter you from psychics all together. There are some truly great psychics out there! Just beware of the common psychic reading scams!

Common Online Psychic Reading Scams To Avoid!

  • If your psychic readings always end with you giving them more money for things they haven't done yet. For example they need your money to buy expensive candles or medallions to help you, or to lift a curse.
  • If they want you to bring all your possessions and money to them so that they can destroy it to "lift a curse." They won't destroy it, they will just tell you they did!
  • Additional Money – A true psychic should never ask you for extra money for ANY reason.  You should only be charged a flat-rate for the reading, or on a per minute basis. Fortunately there are real, honest psychics, you just have to know where to find them.

Before you buy a psychic reading you may want to take a look at our psychic reading scams list first, as well as our psychic reading reviews page.

We had done research around the web as well as tried these so called psychic reading websites out, and we had found the top 20 biggest psychic reading scams they are listed below.

1. Garywilliamsparanormal.com Reviews

Gary Williams was Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, home of the famous trance channel Edgar Cayce. He began studying astrology in 1970 in Virginia Beach, and two years later undertook psychic development classes at the Edgar Cayce Foundation. In 1973, he began work as a professional astrologer and moved to Boston, where he studied under Isabel Hickey, author of Astrology: A Cosmic Science. This lead to further studies in tarot and psychic development at the college of Psychic Studies in London. Gary divides his time between writing and lecturing. Garywilliamsparanormal.com was founded back in 2001. and we have tried Garry Williams psychic reading service, and he didn't do a very good job. When had question Garry Williams about his psychic reading he got mad, and stared calling us names. What real psychic would do that? After we had told  him that we are psychics as well, he got even more angry and said he don't do readings on psychics. The reason why Garry don't want to give psychics reading is because he knows that we can tell, and we will expose him to the world.   


2. Tiffanypowershealing.com Reviews:

Tiffany Powers is located in Georgetown, Texas. and had her  Tiffany Powers Healing been in business since 2010 and in that time she have worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world as well as taught Theta healing and Access Bars Internationally. However when we had tired Tiffany Powers service we find her to me nothing more then a scam. Tiffanypowershealing.com is a psychic reader site that is mostly run by Tiffany Powers, as the name suggests. There are other psychics present, however, but they aren’t worth it neither is she with it.


3. Alizonspsychicsecrets.com Reviews:

Alizons Psychic Secrets was established in 2004, Alizonspsychicsecretsis.com run by a psychic that goes by the name Alizons. Alizons not only a psychic but she is also a spell caster.


4.Trulypsychic.com Reviews:

Truly Psychic was established in 2013 and run by a person that goes by the name Annalena, and Annalena said she is a lifelong clairvoyant, Tarots Scholar, Certified Hypnotherapist, Medical Intuitive, Psychic Counselor, was born and raised in a little ancient medieval village on the Southern Adriatic coast of Italy,


PsychicInteractive.cc Reviews

5. Psychic Interactive was founded back in 2015, and we have tried their psychic reading service and their psychics mostly gave cold readings.  PsychicInteractive.cc is a supposedly full-service psychic reading site, however unfortunately, it suffers from an absolutely awful layout, and not a lot of push to fix that.


6. Discoveryourfutures.net Reviews:

Discoveryourfutures.net website was created back in 2012, and discoveryourfutures.net is a small psychic network that consist of many advisors. When a psychic reading website like Discoveryourfutures automatically declares to have quality over quantity, that means that they simply can’t get a ton of psychics to work there.



7. Tarot.com Reviews:

Tarot was established in 20012, Tarot.com is more known for their tarot card readings more so then some of the other types of psychic readings that they offer and tarot.com gives free horoscope readings.


8. Destle.com Reviews:

Destle was established in 2012, Destle.com is a psychic reading service has brought for you the technique and method, by which you can get immediate professional guidance.


9. Thecircle.com Reviews:

The Circle was established in 1997, thecircle.com said that their vision was to provide the best psychic reading service for people to turn to for guidance and fulfillment.


From day one. 

10. Celebritypsychic.com Reviews:

Celebrity Psychic was established in 2001, Celebritypsychic.com said that they have 20 years of experience and have guided thousands of callers with caring advice on love, careers, relationships and life in general.

Celebrity Psychic also had said that they rigorously screen every psychic reader and hire less than 3% of the applicants, celebritypsychic.com said that they interview (very much unlike several of their competitors, where anyone can register themselves as a “psychic”)


11. Absolutelypsychic.com Reviews:

Absolutely Psychic was established in 2009, absolutelypsychic.com is a phone line psychic reading website. Absolutely Psychic said that they test all of their psychics for accuracy, and absolutelypsychic.com also had said that they turn down over 60% of psychics who apply to become a psychic on Absolutely Psychic website.


12. Certifiedpsychics.com Reviews:

Certified Psychics was established in 2004, certifiedpsychics.com is a psychic reading website that advertize their website being the only website that all of their psychics is certified at giving psychic readings.


13. Psychiccenter.com Reviews:

Psychic Center was established in 2011, psychiccenter.com said that they offer readings from experienced and trusted psychics, mediums, Tarot readers, astrologers, dream interpreters, love advisers, and more. Psychic Center also had said that their advisers are thoroughly screened to be the best of the best. They provide insight and advice on everything from love and relationships to career, money, social, and personal issues.


14. Discoveryourfutures.net Reviews:

Discoveryourfutures website was created back in 2012, and discoveryourfutures.net is a small psychic network that consist of many advisors. When a psychic reading website like Discoveryourfutures automatically declares to have quality over quantity, that means that they simply can’t get a ton of psychics to work there.

15. Psychicstars.com Reviews:

Psychic Stars was created back in 2013, and none of the psychic readings that we had paid for come close to being accurate. Psychicstars.com starts off unfortunately generic. This site looks like it was built off of a very basic template, and with all of the white and blue, it looks more like a dating site.

Psychic-team.com Reviews:

16. Psychic Team was founded back in 2014, and the psychics that we have tried at Psychic-team.com wasn't gifted at all. Websites like Psychic Team automatically make us cringe. The main reason behind this has everything to do with how much of a bad advertisement the entire website looks like.

17. Universalpsychicguild.com Reviews:

Universal Psychic Guild was established in 2013, universalpsychicguild.com offers its customers a wide range of services, all of which are priced individually or on a per-minute basis. Readings by phone vary depending on the psychic chosen, but are available from just $2.99 per minute (special rates are available for blocks of 15, 30 and 60 minutes). Readings by email are priced between $25.95 and $51.95, depending on their length and complexity. SMS readings cost just $1.99 per message.


18. Psychicpower.com Reviews:

Psychic Power was established in 1999, psychicpower.com said that they are a like minded  group of people dedicated to helping others create the life of their dreams. Psychic Power team of advisers lives all over the country, and are able to connect with their clients through a common platform.


19. Psychiclight.com Reviews:

Psychic Light was formed in the year 2000, and has grown to what we believe to be one of the foremost international telephone psychic company in the world.


20. Bestpsychicdirectory.com Reviews:

Best Psychic Directory was established in the year of 2006, Bestpsychicdirector.com said that they are a psychic medium directory to set a new, higher standard within the psychic and medium industry--and to help you find credible and reputable psychics and mediums.


21. Realsupportpsychics.com Reviews:

Real Support Psychics Universal was established in 2003, realsupportpsychics.com said that Psychic Readings Inc, was created to offer unique and ethical psychic reading services and spiritually inspiring content.


22. Online Psychic Reviews:

Online Psychic was established in 2010, at onlinepsychic.com you can receive readings by email or webcam.


23. Usspiritum.com Reviews: 

US Spiritum was established in 2007, usspiritum.com chat is free of charge, making it easy for users to choose a psychic who suits their needs. Once users have chosen a psychic, reader are charged on a per-minute or per-reading basis, depending on the psychic chosen. Per-minute rates start from only a few dollars and a number of promotions and special offers run throughout the year.


24. Meetyourpsychic.com Reviews:

Meet Your Psychic was established in 2008, meetyourpsychic.com is the platform for that exact experience; connecting you with an external psychic (another person) so that you are able to discover your internal psychic power.


25. Etsy.com Reviews:

Etsy was founded in June 2005 in Brooklyn, New York. Earlier that year, etsy.com founder Rob Kalin, Etsy is more known for their handmade goods but etsy.com does have sellers listing psychic readings on Etsy website.


26. Psychicaccess.com Reviews:

Psychic Access was established back in 1996, psychicaccess.com said they Channel the world’s highest quality psychic insight, medium ship, and transformational guidance to clients around the world in complete confidentiality and at affordable rates. Psychic Access are priced individually, on a per-minute basis, so users can see quickly and easily how expensive a reading with a particular psychic will be.


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