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Spell Casting Scams

Don't get scammed by so called spell casters read our spell casting scams page.

Spell Casting Scams:

We had found the top 18 worst spell casting scams, before you buy a spell please read our spell casting scams list first. If you have come to this spell casting scams page directly, you might want to read some of the information that we have provided on this spell casting scams page. You will find information about these so called spell casting websites as well as the top 18 biggest spell casting scams websites that most people had used and had been scammed by them. Every month we get emails from people who have spent hundreds and even thousands to spell casters on the internet. They have been taken advantage of in a very mean and cruel way because spell casters reach out to their desperation.  These spell casting scam artists prey on the weak and sensitive and don't care how much money they ask for. Have you ever wasted your money on spell caster scams? In the beginning, it happens to the best of us. We are in pain.

We desperately want the problems to be fixed. Often times, we take the plunge without giving much thought in searching for real spell casters. There is nothing worse than finding out the hard way about fake spell casting occurs on many different levels. There are those fake spells that come from people who are inexperienced, spell casting scams and then kitchen spells which produce no results. The good news is that there will always be signs of a fake spell caster or fake spell casting. Unfortunately there are a lot of fake witches and spell casters taking advantage of vulnerable people. Spell Casting Scams? With more and more people needing spell casters, it is no wonder that the spell caster scams are increasing too! You do what you do, until you know better and then you do better. The problem when choosing spell casters is that you find out how to avoid spell casting scams too late! You have already fallen victim to spell caster scams and have no real results to show for it.

We have been going through each of these so called spell casting websites and we have compiled each of these types of scams below and we  have described it and how its done. To many people are mislead by this type of scam. Read each one of these carefully and make sure you are not falling prey to this type of scam. So here are some important ways to avoid getting scammed! we would recommend that you take heed to these wise words!

How to Avoiding Spell Casting Scams:

1. Research:

Always do research using the spell caster name or website address and type in the word scam next to it, there you should be able to see if they are a scam or not. Keep in mind that most websites will have a few bad reviews if they got more good reviews then bad they may still be worth trying out but if it's the other way around then stay clear of those websites. Even if a website has no reviews doesn't mean they are a scam, people are more then likely to leave a bad review before they will leave a good review that is with all websites. When doing research on any websites always best to get your reviews from websites where customers can leave a good or bad review.

2. Fake Awards And Newspaper: 

Don't buy spells from spell casters who said that they had won awards or been in a newspaper as being the best spell caster, there isn't any real spell casting awards and no real spell caster wouldn't want to be in a newspaper because even today there are still many people who would go after the spell caster. Best spell caster of the year award isn't real but there is however many independent review websites like ours where people can leave good or bad reviews.

3. Money-Back Guarantees :

Avoid purchasing a spell from someone who offers a money back guarantee.  If, in fact, they actually cast your spell, they certainly won't refund your money.  Spells take too much work via consultation, energy reads (before, during and after the casting), preparing the tools, writing the spell, casting time and energy and purchasing supplies to just hand over a refund if the casting doesn't work properly. The money-back guarantee ploy is just a way to get you in the door. Most real spell casting websites wont give you a refund if their spell casting didn't work, however they will recast and add spells for free they will make sure you get the results that you had paid for and never recharge for the same spell casting.

4.  Ask Questions:

Email and see how you are responded to. A real spell caster will answer all of your questions that is a very good sign to look for and you will be able to tell that this caster is not sympathetic  or compassionate which is very important. Make sure you feel comfortable with the answers you receive and you feel a connection between you and the spell caster.

5.  Extortion Or Blackmail:

Don't trust a spell caster who pushes spells on you or frightens you into purchasing more and more spell casting services.  A spell caster should advertise his or her spell casting service.  You should approach the spell caster if you're interested but not be harassed or threatened by fear tactics.

6. Impossible Spells:


We have heard many people losing money over spells that's totally impossible to happen.

For example: Change eye color spells, Sex-change spells, Make me fly in the sky spells, Let me go back in time spells, Change a human body to a creature or animal. Make this celebrity love me spell. We know you get the hint of what 'we are saying. Those spells are done on Hollywood TV and not in reality. Those spells are impossible for any spell caster. If any spell caster says yes they can do those spells...then you really need to steer clear from that spell caster.

7. Free Spell Casting Services:

No real spell caster will offer free spell casting services because spells takes a lot of time and energy.

8. Free Email Service:

We advise you to ignore websites using free Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail email addresses, very unprofessional, they should be using their website email address. What would you think if you received an email from a large company and they had written using an Hotmail address? You would be alarmed and suspicious, we recommend you treat the spell casting website operating like that in the same way because something 'funny' will be going.

9. Proper Business Banking:

Avoid all websites displaying Western Union payment and PayPal only. These are cheats without proper business banking.

10.  Biological Samples:  

Don't be fooled by casters asking for biological samples in order to cast a spell.  A real spell caster don't need any Biological Samples in order for you to see full results from their spell casting. 

11. Cheap Charms Or Talismans:

Don't fall for the cheap charm trick.  Charms and talismans are much different than and separate from spells.  You don't need to wear a talisman or charm for your spell to be successful.  Just like you don't need to use a Rosary to pray the Rosary.  The object and the prayer are different.  The object and the spell are different as well.  Some unethical spell casters use this to show they are"doing" something when it's completely unnecessary.  Others want to send you a charm to blame you if the spell casting fails, stating you didn't follow the instructions.

12. Cheap Spells:

Don't trust a spell caster who offers cheap spells.  These are scam sites. People always ask us why we charge so much for our spell casting services.  Well, here's why ~  No one could cast a successful professional spell for $10.00 or $15.00, just think about it how much items could a spell caster buy with that small amount.  Maybe you could throw together $10.00 or $15.00 worth of used items from around the house and cast one for yourself. But do you want a spell caster do that for your work? A professional spell casting MEANS professionally performed.  A spell casting for $10.00 or $15.00 would not be professionally done.  Supplies, alone, are much more than that. Generally, cheap spells are just that - cheap.A spell caster who offers cheap spells will either never cast your spells or not cast your spells properly.  You get what you pay for when it comes to casting spells.

13. Results In 24 Hours:

A lot of people has fallen for that one, because that is a attention grabber, "RESULTS WITHIN 24 HOURS", but the truth is that it isn't always true for "every client". Yes, some clients may see results within 24 hours, but NOT every client will.  Most customers wont see full results that fast usually around about 3 or 4 months. Everybody situation is different, so people see results quicker than others... results varies and it is different for other people. No spell caster can tell you the exact time nor day when you will see results. Some may give you a time frame of some of their successful spell casting for other clients, but no spell caster can tell you the exact time nor day of the spells showing results. What if you purchase a love spell and your lover or ex is involved with someone else, or locked up in jail, or forgot your number and can't contact you, or live in another state/country.

How are they going to reunite with you in 24 hours? Spell casting is a art and not science. It doesn't work like that and people have fell for that line and it is a trick for you to purchase their spell casting services and trick you out of your money.

14. 100 Percent Results, Guaranteed:

Avoid anyone who guarantees results on their first spell casting try without having to react your spells.  That is absolutely laughable in any profession.  No spell caster can guarantee results on their first spell casting try without having to recast your spells. That is your immediate red flag to look elsewhere for an honest professional. There is cases where a spell caster will have to recast your spells and add spells so you will see full results from their spell casting.

15. Friendly:

Lastly a spell caster should always be friendly, even if you question a spell caster or don't want to buy any spells from the spell caster.

These are just a few guidelines to help you in your quest for knowledge! Hope you enjoy the rest of our site. Know of any current spell casting scams out there?  CONTACT US and we will post the news. There are an array of different signs of fake spell casting and how fake spell casters go about their business. If you need to know more about fake spells just email us and we can chat about who to look out for when it comes to spell casting scams. Down below here you will find the top 18 biggest spell casting scams websites that is on the internet today.

1. 7witchescoven.com Reviews:

7 Witches Coven was established in 2002, 7witchescoven.com has on their website that they have 7 witches to cast for you, but really 7 Witches Coven s run by David Yehaskel. The same person has a bunch of websites with bogus drop-boxes in Virginia and websites with the same names registered in the UK. J. Roslyn Antleis is the name on 7witchescoven.com that David Yehaskel posted as being The High Priestess of 7 Witches Coven, There's never been a business or a person with the name of J. Roslyn Antleis, etc. David Yehaskel has conducting with building other types of brassiness. He's not just a witch, he's also a voodoo priest, a life coach, and astrologer, and who knows what else! He just sets up all of these domains and websites and waits for the PayPal $$$ to roll.

Down below here is some links where you will find bad reviews about 7witchescoven.com website.















7 Witches Coven Information:

David Yehaskel, 23 grange road shrewsbury, Virginia. We couldn't find any information about 7witchescoven.com from whois website.

Here is some information that we had found about onlinespells.com website witch of course is run by 7 Witches Coven at www.who.is/whois/www.onlinespells.com

Registrant State/Province: VA

Website Address: http://www.onlinespells.com/

7 Witches Coven has two email address  http://www.7witchescoven.com/ and http://www.onlinespells.com/

2. Ashraspells.com Reviews:

Ashra spells website was established in 2005, Ashra said she has been practicing since birth. She said her spell book had been passed down through generations of spell casters. Ashra also said she had won many times the BEST spell caster of the year Award, witch of course that puts up a red flag because there is no such thing as a spell caster of the year award. However there is a such thing as independent review sites, where you can get real reviews about any websites. Down below here is some links where you will find bad reviews about ashraspells.com website.














Here is some information that we had found about Ashra Spells website at www.who.is/whois/www.ashraspells.com

Registrant Name: Registration Private

Website Address:  http://www.ashraspells.com/


3. Spsreviewforum.com Reviews:

SPSReviewForum was established in 2012, spsreviewforum.com is a psychic reading and spell casting review forum.

We had found that SPSReviewForum website is a scam because spsreviewforum.com uses their website forums to try and take down their competition. SPSReviewForum, a site owned and operated by the very secretive identity and mastermind of Melissa Miller whom uses the alias of “Hope” along with many others, spsreviewforum.com is known to be a scam to many of SPSReviewForum members and all over the web on other review websites. Spsreviewforum.com uses her website forums to down others so you won't use their psychic reading and spell casting services, This person who goes by the name hope try to send her SPSReviewForum members to her website site links that is owned by hope. If you try to say anything good on spsreviewforum.com website about another psychic reading or spell casting website hope will suspend  your IP address, hope only wants you to down other websites. This helps hope to take business away from other websites as well as help SPSReviewForum to get better into the search results.

Spsreviewforum.com has got more bad reviews then any of the websites that hope has in her forms, in fact all of SPSReviewForum reviews was bad reviews and we didn't find any good reviews about spsreviewforum.com website. We advice all members of SPSReviewForum website not to trust spsreviewforum.com review forum to do your own research about all websites for yourself and also do your own research about SPSReviewForum website.

Down below here is some links to places that you will find bad reviews about spsreviewforum.com  website.













Here is some information that we had found about SPSReviewForum website forum at www.who.is/whois/www.spsreviewforum.com.


Registrant Name: SPSReviewForum

Registrant Organization: c/o RespectMyPrivacy, LLC
Registrant Street: 4700 MILLENIA BLVD STE 175 PMB 004-23671  
Registrant City: ORLANDO
Registrant State/Province: FL

Website Address: http://www.spsreviewforum.com/


4. Worldsmostpowerfulspells.com Reviews:

Worlds Most Powerful Spells was established in 2010. worldsmostpowerfulspells.com said Imagine being able to alter your world in the areas of Love, Money, Career, Sexual Intimacy, Bad Karma, and Will Power! All is possible with the astounding power of High Priestess Katherine and her coven outstanding spell casting abilities. You have the power to change the future, change your destiny, and get the things out of life you need to bring success, luck, and happiness. We had found that Worlds Most Powerful Spells website is one of the biggest spell casting scams that is out there, they don't have as much bad reviews as 7 witches coven or some of the other spell casting websites that is in our spell casting scams list but they still have many bad reviews.

Down below here is some links where you will find bad reviews about worldsmostpowerfulspells.com website.





Here is some information that we had found about Worlds Most Powerful Spells website at www.who.is/whois/www.worldsmostpowerfulspells.com


Registrant Street: 100 N RIVERSIDE, SUITE 800
Registrant City: CHICAGO
Registrant State/Province: IL
Registrant Postal Code: 60606
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.3129947654

Website Address: http://www.worldsmostpowerfulspells.com/


5. Spellcasting.com Reviews:

Spellcasting Morrigane & Mystic Spells website is both run by a witch that goes by the name Morrigane. Morrigane said she is a REAL witch. By REAL, that means she is not a psychic who cast spells. Morrigane has been in business since 2003. Morrigane said she answer all of her own emails and conduct every spell, ritual and reading personally. Morrigane also had said that she handle every single aspect of the spell work; from the initial consultation and point of contact, through correspondence, the spell casting, follow-up (if needed),

Down below here is some links where you will find bad reviews about spellcasting.com website.







Here is some information that we had found about Morrigane website at www.who.is/whois/www.spellcasting.com


Website Address: http://www.spellcasting.com/

Morrigane has two website address http://www.spellcasting.com/ and http://www.mysticspells.com/

6. Stevenkingvoodoomaster.com Reviews:

Steven King Voodoo Master was established in 2007.Steven said he is a High Voodoo Priest Master Spell Caster. He also had said that he come from 5th generation of Master Voodoo Priests.

Down below here is some links where you will find bad reviews about stevenkingvoodoomaster.com website.



Here is some information that we had found about Steven King Voodoo Master website at www.who.is/whois/www.stevenkingvoodoomaster.com

Domain Name: stevenkingvoodoomaster.com 

Registrant Street: 12808 Gran Bay Pkwy West
Registrant City: Jacksonville
Registrant State/Province: FL
Registrant Postal Code: 32258
Registrant Country: US

Website Address: http://www.stevenkingvoodoomaster.com/


7. Africavoodoo.com .Reviews:

Africa voodoo was established in 2004, africavoodoo.com said that their Voodoo spells is very powerful force that bridges the gap between the spiritual world and the human natural world. Voodoo when use wisely and respectfully, could help bring about desire changes and blessings to your life, provide you the spiritual guidance you seek to fulfill destiny, overcome obstacles and find the right path. African Voodoo is not child's play always make sure that the person is an expert in voodoo spell casting before you get these kinds of spells cast.

Down below here is some links where you will find bad reviews about africavoodoo.com website.







Here is some information that we had found about Africa Voodoo website at www.who.is/whois/www.africavoodoo.com

Domain Name: africavoodoo.com

Registrant Street: Unknown
Registrant City: Unknown
Registrant State/Province: UnKnown
Registrant Postal Code: Ubknown
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: Unknown
Name Server: NS1. africavoodoo.com

Website Address: http://www.africavoodoo.com/


8. Mistressofmagic.com Reviews:

Mistress of magic was established in 2011, mistressofmagic.com said that their spells is free.


9. Extremespells.com Reviews:

Extreme spells was established in 2009, extremespells.com said that their Powerful and Effective Spells and Magic Work really fast.


10. Bestlovespellcaster.com Reviews:

This website is another spell casting scams, saying he is the best love spell caster but you can read his website bad reviews all around the internet.

Down below here is some links where you will find bad reviews about bestlovespellcaster.com website.


Here is some information that we had found about
best love spell caster website at www.who.is/whois/www.bestlovespellcaster.com

Domain Name: bestlovespellcaster.com
Registrant Organization: See PrivacyGuardian.org
Registrant Street: 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255
Registrant City: Phoenix
Registrant State/Province: AZ
Registrant Postal Code: 85016
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.3478717726
Website Address: http//www.bestlovespellcaster.com/


11. Magickalcastings.com Reviews:

Magickal Castings was established in 2011, magickalcastings.com is run by a spell caster/psychic that goes by the name Heather but her real name is Joanne Henshaw. She sells spells on Etsy and use too on eBay when eBay.com allowed psychic readings and spell casting to be listed. Magickal Castings listings is one out of many of etsy.com scams, never buy psychic readings or spell castings from Etsy or magickalcastings.com website you will get ripped off and etsy.com is more known for backing their sellers. Another words Etsy or the seller will not give you a refund.

Down below here is some links where you will find bad reviews about Magickal Castings website.



Magickalcastings.com isn't the biggest spell casting scam, however they do have more bad reviews then good reviews.

Here is some information that we had found about Magickal Castings website at www.who.is/whois/www.magickalcastings.com

Registrant Street: 1958 SOUTH 950 EAST  
Registrant City: PROVO
Website Address: http://www.magickalcastings.com/


12. Expertinlove.com Reviews

Expert In Love was established in 2012. Expertinlove.com said on their website, Why are you worried and confused by the problems that life brings to you? Let them control all your things and they will become better and better until solved. When you abandon completely to their friendship, all your obstacles will be resolved quickly and peacefully. Expert In Love is a spell casting website that only cast love spells.

We couldn't find any information from whois about Expert In Love website.


13.  Spell-works.com Reviews:

Spell Casting Services with Susan and Love Spells. Susan also said she is a Clairvoyant and offers Psychic Readings as well as spell castings, but most customers are unhappy with both her psychic reading and spell casting services. Spell Works is may not be the biggest spell casting scams but they do a few bad reviews, that is why we have added her website to our spell casting scams page.

Here is some information that we had found about Spell Works website at www.who.is/whois/www.spell-works.com

Registrant Name: Karen Stevens

Website Address: http://www.spell-works.com/


14. Egyptian-witchcraft.com Reviews:

Egyptian Witchcraft spell caster goes by the name Aisha Haadi,  Aisha Haadi said she had been casting successful love spells professionally for 43 years.


Registrant Name: Aisha Haadi 

Website Address: http://www.egyptian-witchcraft.com/


15. Saulat.com Reviews:

Saulat was established in 2014, saulat.com is a spell casting website where you can get a spell casting on Saulat website or by clicking on one of their links that will send you to another spell casting website.

Down below here is some links where you will find bad reviews about saulat.com website.


We couldn't find any information from whois about Saulat website.


16. Provenspells.com Reviews:

Proven Spells promises you a FREE SPELL Casting or order one of their so called professional and powerful Love Spells, Money Spells, Attraction Spells, Custom Spells and even more.This is another spell casting scams website, provenspells.com offer you free spells is to draw you in and their free and paid spell castings don't work. Proven Spells is coming in at 13 in our spell casting scams list as being one of the worst place to buy a spell casting.

Here is some information that we had found about Proven Spells website at www.who.is/whois/www.provenspells.com


Registrant Name: Registration Private
Website Address: http://www.provenspells.com/


17.  Simplemysticmiracles.com Reviews:

How To Cast Your Magick Circle Before Casting Spells. It's important (especially for beginning Wiccans) to cast a Magick Circle before every spell you cast. Simple Mystic Miracles is a spell casting website as well as a place where you can get information.

Here is some information that we had found about Simple Mystic Miracles at www.who.is/whois/www.simplemysticmiracles.com


Registrant Street: P.O. BOX 0823-03411
Registrant City: PANAMA
Registrant State/Province: PANAMA
Registrant Postal Code: 00000
Registrant Country: PA
Registrant Phone: +507.8365503 

Website Address: http://www.simplemysticmiracles.com/


18.  Voodoolovespellcaster.com Reviews:. 

Coming in last place in our spell casting scams page is Voodoo Love Spell Caster. Voodoolovespellcaster.com was established in 2006. Love Spell Voodoo Caster is run by a spell caster that goes by the name Haitian, she said she had been helping clients from around the world with her voodoo spells for over 30 Years.

Here is some information that we had found about Love Spell Voodoo Caster website at www.who.is/whois/www.voodoolovespellcaster.com

Registrant Street: 110 WALL ST 11TH FLOOR  
Registrant City: NEW YORK
Registrant State/Province: NEW YORK
Registrant Postal Code: 10005
Registrant Country: UNITED STATES
Registrant Phone: +1.7187012499

Website Address: http://www.voodoolovespellcaster.com/


If you had been scammed by a so called spell caster then please feel free to warn others about their spell casting website by using this Facebook plugin.
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